Sorcha is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Dublin who is currently taking up shop in New York City. She has been getting busy since submitting her song to us almost a year ago: on top of this BandCamp EP, she has started a new, slightly more upbeat project called CON/VOS, and she managed to release her newest EP on iTunes just last month.


Probably the biggest factor in the loss tonight were the turnovers.

1. Do not turn the ball over. 

This isn’t exactly a new problem, to say the least. L.A. gave up the rock 23 times against Denver Friday and still managed to win. Tonight … not so much. They were plenty sloppy in the first quarter, with six turnovers creating six points for San Antonio. Fortunately for the Lakers, San Antonio was equally generous, with five turnovers of their own. Both teams deserved more punishment than they got. In the second quarter, however, the Spurs tightened up the ship while the Lakers, whether in some misplaced homage to Southern hospitality or an effort to add just a few more charitable donations to their tax return, just kept giving things away, whether off the dribble or through poorly executed post entry passes. 

With 5:25 to play in the half, the game was tied at 41. 

From there: 

5:00 Ramon Sessions blocked inside. 

4:44 - Turnover (Matt Barnes). 

4:08 - Turnover (Steve Blake). 

3:05 - Turnover (Blake). 

2:37 - Turnover (Pau Gasol). 

2:16 - Turnover (Gasol). 

Friday night, Denver wasn’t able to make them pay. To say San Antonio took advantage is a mild understatement. Tim Duncan’s 20-footer at the 1:59 mark gave the Spurs a 16-point lead. 

Sixteen points in three minutes. Ballgame. 


Fresh Fish

It’s been a little over 24 hours since the acquisition of Derek Fisher and I have to admit…it still feels kind of weird. Like in the sense where the girl you’ve had a crush on for years walks right up to you, gives you a five second frencher and you say to yourself “Well that…


CubismROOM  (( by Surrogate Self ))


CubismROOM  (( by Surrogate Self ))


Hab wieder was gefunden:)


How is Gronk’s head still attached!?


How is Gronk’s head still attached!?

E: 6min kriegst du.
P: wieso?
E: du hast mir auch die vl geschickt,bei der ich fleissig anwesend war.
P: ok